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Sheep Housing

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Polytunnels for Sheep Housing

Polytunnels for Sheep Housing

Our range of sheep polytunnels use a robust 50.8mm diameter tubing for the complete framework. The steel is high tensile "Z35" grade which is galvanised and has a 1.5mm wall thickness. The polyttunnel steel framework includes 5 bracing struts to each end hoop to provide rigidity where it's most required to withstand high winds.

The polytunnel hoops are spaced at 6ft apart for a fast build whilst maintaining superior strength. The foundation tubes are concreted into the ground which gives maximum stability.

All the timbers for the end frames, base rails and mid-rails are Tanalith treated for a longer lifespan. We use 4" x 2" CLS (89mm x 38mm finished size) for all the timberwork. For the end posts, we double-up on the timbers to give plenty of support for hinging a 10ft wide field gate (not supplied). The polythene is secured with a double row of treated battens.

Along each side of the polytunnel sheep house there is a 39in wide ventilation panel to allow air circulation with minimal draughts. The ventilation panel is comprised of ventilation netting fixed to the timber base rail and timber mid-rail. Inside this, supported on the polytunnel hoops is 5-wire stock fencing to protect the ventilation netting from "lively" sheep.

As with all our polytunnels we've made sure there are no weak links and each component is designed to ultimately fulfil it's purpose.

We supply our sheep shelters with Indasol diffused polythene. This is 200 microns thick for durability. The heavy diffusion reduces instant temperature gains in bright sunlight. This polythene also has an anti-condensate layer to stop condensation forming as droplets on the inner surface.

Anti hot spot tape is included to ensure the polythene doesn't degrade prematurely.

See detailed specification at the bottom of this page.

What's In The Kit

What's In The Kit

o Foundation tubes, diameter 50.8mm x 1.5mm high tensile galvanized steel tube, with steel tie rod for concreting.

o Hoops, ridge tubes, diagonal struts from diameter 50.8mm x 1.5mm high tensile galvanized steel tube. 5 struts per end.

o Timber end frames, base rails and side rails from 4in x 2in CLS treated timber.

o Door vertical posts timbers "doubled-up" to make substantial section for hanging a field gate.

o Indasol diffused 800g polythene. Anti-fog, anti-condensate. 5 year UV warranty.

o Windbreak netting ventilation to provide airlow with minimal draughts.

o 5-wire steel stock fencing around the sides.

o Anti hot spot tape for improved life of polythene cover.

Aluminium Gutter Option

A really useful addition to you sheep house, the aluminium gutter will divert rainwater run-off from the polytunnel towards one end of the the polytunnel. There, it can be collected in a water trough or routed to a watercourse.

Ideal for keeping the internal floor area of the polytunnel dry for young lambs to thrive.

Select Size of Sheep Shelter & Optional Gutter


18ft Wide Sheep Shelter

21ft Wide Sheep Shelter

If you require gutters, select length to match the Sheep Shelter

Sheep House Polytunnel Specification

Hoop Spacings:6ft (1.83m)Overall Height:18ft Span: 8ft 3in (2.57m)
21ft Span: 8ft 10in (2.70m)

Straight Side:3ft 5in (1.05m)Door Opening:18ft Span: Up to 10ft 4in wide x 6ft 11in high (3.15m x 2.1m)
21ft Span: Up to 10ft 4in wide x 7ft 3in high (3.15m x 2.2m)

Foundation Tubes:Z35 high tensile galvanised steel tube, diameter 50.8mm with a thicker wall of 1.5mm, pre-drilled for concrete tie rod.Steel Framework:Z35 high tensile galvanised steel tube, diameter 50.8mm with a thicker wall of 1.5mm.

Polythene:5 year UV guarantee with 7-8 years life expectancy.
Thermic, anti-condensate, anti-fog/anti-drip.
800g Diffused, thicker for improved resistance to damage.
Anto hot spot tape is included to prolong the life of the polythene cover.
End Frames and Side Rails:Tanalith treated timber, 1" x 3" (actual size), planed with rounded corners for easier handling and smooth appearance.
End vertical posts are "doubled-up" - additional support for hinging a field gate.
Double-row of " x 1" Tanalith treated battens to secure the polythene cover and side ventilation netting.

Brackets:Galvansised for improved resistance to corrosion.
Purpose-designed so each type of bracket is perfect for its intended use.
Corner Braces:Z35 galvanised steel tube, diameter 50.8 x 1.5mm.
Special design with angular adjustment, particularly useful for sloping sites.

Bolts, Screws & Nails:Galvansised or zinc plated for corrosion resistance.
Coach bolts are used for timber connections.
Steel-to-steel connections use Nylock nuts which can't vibrate loose.
Ventilation:Shade/ventilation netting fixed to timber rails, provides windbreak.
5-wire stock fencing inside the ventilation netting to prevent damage to ventilation netting.


Sheep Houses are despatched around 8 - 12 working days after receiving your order.
Sheep House Photograph
Sheep House Photograph
Sheep House Photograph