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Polytunnel Gutter

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Aluminium Polytunnel Gutter

Aluminium Polytunnel Gutter

There are many reasons why you would want to collect the rainwater from your polytunnel and we've designed the perfect solution to let you do this.

The convenience of having fresh water right where you need it, to be able to water your plants with natural rainwater straight from your water-butt. And the time saved by not having to take a trip to the nearest tap on your allotment site.

Our aluminium gutters system is purpose-designed for polytunnels and can be fitted to most "quality" polytunnels (not "blow-aways"). The gutter is installed at the top of the straight side of the polytunnel hoop, where the curve starts. It can be fitted to a timber side rail on your new or existing polytunnel. Or if you don't have a timber side rail and your polythene is "trenched" or fixed to a base rail, we supply an extruded aluminium backing profile. This backing profile fixes to the leg of the hoop on the inside of the polythene cover and the gutter section fits perfectly against the backing profile on the outside of the polythene. The polythene cover is sandwiched safely and securely between the aluminium backing profile and the aluminium gutter section with fixing screws every 30cm apart.

So we've covered pretty much every eventuality to allow you to install and use our aluminium gutter system on your polytunnel, new-build or retro-fit.

You can choose which polytunnel gutter kit for your polytunnel based on whether your polythene is "trenched" or fixed to a base rail or whether your polythene is fixed to a timber side rail.